Jintang Lin

Singapore, Singapore

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Business Development
Product Management

About Jintang

Hi all, I'm currently in my early 30s and the thing that is unique about me is my life experience. I can play 2 instruments, the yangqin and the cello, and I completed 5 marathons, including one in Bangkok and in Tokyo. I was from SMU, completed with a Double Degree and started out my working adulthood with a Swiss bank

Currently, I am the "accidental" protege of 2 old men, oops, I really meant, "experienced businessmen" who own a myriad of industrial business across the West side of Singapore, and our businesses currently include cranes/hoists, construction, steel works, galvanizing and industrial property development. As part of the latter, we have 20000sq feet startup space for New Founders, and that is the reason I am here. We are open minded guys so keep those ideas coming as long as my bosses like it. Thank you and good luck!