Jitender Arora

Bedford, Massachusetts, US

Jitender 's Skills
Product Management

About Jitender

We are currently operating in "stealth mode", we are building solutions at the intersection of Healthcare, Internet of Things and Telecom. We are looking for a business leader who would like to join us at very early stage of the company. We have product demo ready and are getting very good feedback from the customers.

We are looking for a CEO who has the right mix of leadership, passion, energy, experience, business savvy, entrepreneurial spirit, innovative nature, and a vast Rolodex with the who’s who in the healthcare industry.

The key requirements are:

1. The candidate must demonstrate a track record for attracting, managing, and closing angel and VC funding rounds.

2. Primary responsibility for leading company operations, the overall growth strategy, organizational leadership, financial and organizational management, external communications, and marketing and sales efforts.