JJ Fontana

Spokane, Washington, US

JJ's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About JJ

I am an experienced healthcare business owner, starting a healthcare company focusing on increasing efficiency, primarily throughout the perioperative continuum with hospitals. Operating rooms are, per time unit, the most expensive areas within the healthcare system to provide care. I have developed a wireframe of the software to be built which is founded on lean process improvement. The use of the software will minimize the time inefficiencies that occur consistently during the surgical process.

I have reached out to software development firms that have been eager to take on the project, but my advisors are suggesting I look for a tech cofounder/partner before signing on with the development groups.

I am looking for a developer that would either build or supervise the build of the application. I am prepared to provide all of the financial backing, if necessary, to get the minimally viable product to the test sites. The goal is to have the mvp built for less than(maybe) the software groups, by someone that is more invested in the development and success of the app. Additionally, the technical people I have spoken to have told me that the build isn’t very complex, for what it’s worth. Also, FDA and HIPAA rules are not applicable for the build and deployment.

If you are interested in healthcare tech and making care safer, more efficient, and much less costly, please drop me a line.