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Utah Bankruptcy Attorney

The Attorneys at JLT Law adhere to the highest of ethical and professional standards in the legal community. They have all passed the test of time. In an era when many Bankruptcy practitioners in the District of Utah are being investigated by various government agencies for improprieties, JLT Law remains the firm with an unsullied reputation from all parts of the Bankruptcy community

Our longstanding reputation is one of aggressively and zealously representing the interests of our clients. The majority of cases filed by JLT Law are a result of referrals and recommendations from prior clients and other Attorneys, including those that we are in opposition with in the Courtroom on a daily basis. We are sufficiently confident of our reputation, that we believe all those that regularly appear before the Bankruptcy Court in the District of Utah would provide a favorable report of the qualifications of JLT Law.

JLT Law is a full service Bankruptcy firm. Many Bankruptcy practitioners will admit that they are not qualified to adequately represent their Clients if complications arise in their case. JLT Law regularly represents their clients in Adversary litigation, contested matters, and virtually any aspect that may occur in a Bankruptcy case. It is not uncommon for other practitioners to ultimately refer their own clients to JLT Law when the standard Bankruptcy case becomes complicated. Similarly, the Attorneys at JLT Law are consulted by other Bankruptcy Attorneys almost on a daily basis to seek advice as to how to address situations that have occurred in the cases they have filed on behalf of their clients.

Jory L. Trease, the senior Attorney at JLT Law, began his personal Bankruptcy practice in 1986. Many law firms use deceptive means by adding all of the years each of the Attorneys in the office have collectively been practicing Bankruptcy to compete with the years Mr. Trease alone has been a Bankruptcy Attorney.

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Utah Bankruptcy Attorney
Utah Bankruptcy Attorney
Utah Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Utah Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Utah Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Utah Foreclosure Avoidance
Utah Garnishments
Utah Repossessions
Utah Bankruptcy and Divorce
Utah Home Loan Modifications
Utah Creditor/Third Party Representation
Utah Expert Witness Classification
Utah Appointment of Professionals
Utah Legal Consultations (dispute resolution/pre-bankruptcy planning)

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