Jo Prabhu

Long Beach, California, US

Jo's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jo

95% of the world is looking for a job and as a Recruiting Specialist for 18+ years, I am looking to put together a dream team of other entrepreneurs/developers and co-founders to offer sweat-equity towards the development of a revolutionary concept for a prototype web portal which will be the Google of the job industry and expedite/change the way the world hires employees.

This will be a joint effort so I will need a team of co-founders, Developers, Analysts, Programmers, Social Media experts, Marketers to work on it together in order to generate millions in monthly memberships. Once we have the prototype ready, the plan is to approach Angels to provide the 3-5 million dollars for prototype to market.

Alternately, I would love to get together with other like minded entrepreneurs to start a think-tank incubator to help others through the process of concept to market and take a % of future revenue and a piece of the pie in exchange for our efforts. I am am very open to collaborating with others on accomplishing this. There will be something in it for everyone involved.