Paris, France

selfmade man, 8 years entrepreneurial experience, French / English Fluent
JOACHIM's Skills
Entrepreneurial Experience
Business Strategy
Business Networking
Business Intelligence
Building Strong Relationships


Selfmade man, I've always had to struggle in life to reach my goals.
With 8 entrepreneurial experiences, I have enough knowledge for a new project knowing we never know enough and always have to learn.

I am sensitive to the climate change and social causes, but also ambitious and hardworking.

Looking for a partner with similar values in a project with meaning, very quickly profitable business model in collaborative economy.

Profil: Full stack, CTO, one that can manage all the dev / technical work and can be fully invested in our startup


I never lose. Either I win, or I learn - Nelson Mandela

Work Experience



March 2011 - May 2019

Company started with 5K€, no offices and nothing to work with, I built the company into a 750K a year / 6 staff / 500m² company in 6 years, and kept the company for 8 years in total. Recently sold to be available for my new project



January 2008 - March 2010

Only salesman in the company and no fix monthly wage (commission only) I have performed beyond the set objective from the 1rst month until the last day I was there.