JoAnn Corley

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Founder, The Human Sphere | help leaders integrate human behavior into successful business building
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Leadership Development
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Leadership Communication
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Leadership + Management
Management of Change
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Human Development
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Human Behavior
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""When we are our best human selves, we will have our best businesses" - JoAnn Corley

Work Experience

Founder, CEO

The Human Spehre

March 1998 - May 2018

The Human Sphere is a human performance consultancy that helps leaders build better businesses by successfully integrating the human aspect of their enterprise. We have found this to be the # challenge for Founders and all business leaders for that matter. When leaders see and understand the impact of behavior to their aspirations, radical shifts are made in thinking and how they manage themselves and others. Having this knowledge aids in better decision-making, saving time and money! We call it The Human Quotient.