Jocelyn Brabham

New Windsor, New York, US

Founder And C.E.O.
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Jocelyn Brabham
A S.A.D. Angel Registry CEO
• Camp LaGuardia Chester, NY 

• Independent Living Newburgh, NY 

• ORMC Hospital Middletown, NY 

I have has always had a vision to change the world for the better and a vision that others could see ensuring that my legacy would live on long after I am gone. 
At a very young age of five years old, I was diagnosed with a rare muscle disease called Dermatomyositis. The unrelenting pain associated with this disease makes my fellow Dermatomyositis warriors and myself feel trapped inside their own mind surrounded by physical pain. I know that there are cures for physical pain. However, when you are trapped in an internal prison, as are the people who suffer from any form of mental illness, you know that you will never receive mental relief. No matter where you go, or what you do, you will never be able to escape yourself. That is the daily reality for the millions of sufferers of mental illnesses and their families. My mission is to give everyone a peace of mind to know his or her loved ones are being watched over even when they are out of your eyesight.


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