Joe Astill

New York, New York, US

Joe's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Joe

By quick background, I’ve been headhunting senior bankers for over 15 years. I set up my own firm in 2013 to continue headhunting senior bankers - with clients such as Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, BNP, etc.

While doing this, I have also set up another company called AstilLink. The basic idea of AstilLink is a dating website for recruitment. To date, I have an MVP (, a number of candidates in the system and some clients who are making the right noises, although I have yet to take it to market. It includes a few other things to help it stand out from similar sites - happy to explain in person.

I’m now looking for a partner / Co-Founder / Tech person to work with me to take this to the next level, including mobile friendly, taking to market, raising funds and working with me to build a team.

My Skill Set:

- idea generation
- product and people mngt
- team leadership
- sales & client service
- business mngt
- lead / revenue generation
- industry contacts to take to market - including International

What I’m looking for / don’t have:

- tech / coding skills (Javascript & Angular.js currently)
- either able to, or understand concept of, creating something mobile friendly
- UX/UI understanding
- web design skills
- idea generation - I want to bounce ideas and get feedback vs someone who expects to just be told what to do
- energy / hard work / willingness to succeed
- longevity
- ability to look for the solution vs focus on the problem (you’d think this was obvious, but not at all)
- entrepreneur, self starter and not require micro mngt

I’m not necessarily looking for someone to manage a team, but if they do have mngt skills, that would be a bonus (similarly someone who has previously raised Angel funds).

I want someone to work and partner with me in what could be a very lucrative venture.


University of Northumbria

BSc Biomedical Science

1998 - 1998