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Joe Falore


Marketing, Growth Hacking, Business Development

Redwood City, California, US


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

Age Group


About Joe

Full-stack performance marketer - I use modern marketing technologies to grow business revenue. I define digital marketing strategies and build customer acquisition/retention programs from scratch to meet and exceed KPI's. In the past, I have built, managed, and scaled multi-million dollar acquisition programs using a variety of digital tools. I have also played critical roles in web site design for CRO, email and CRM strategies, and site/user analytics. Call it digital business if you will. I'm extremely business minded with experience in biz dev, sales, and general startup operations including legal and company structure. For this idea, I will be handling all of the user acquisition aspects, legal/company formation, overall digital marketing strategy, and most other things not engineering.

I am looking for a full stack engineering cofounder for my next project. AI/ML/NLP experience is a plus. Hopefully you get excited by near term revenue and building a product that can be monetized ASAP. My ideal cofounder is scrappy and resourceful, extremely money motivated, and a hard worker with a small ego. Big plus if you have built 'internet marketer' like products/projects in the past that have generated some money, or think in the mindset of making money on the internet is super cool. If you like to own products from idea stage through MVP and production, design the stack from ground up and work with large data sets, this will be a good fit for you. For this idea, you will handle everything engineering, and more if you desire. You will have a lot of creative reign on the back-end architecture to meet the end goal of this project. Some front-end skills will be needed to develop the UI, implemented via a framework of your choosing.

The idea:
The idea is rather simple yet beautifully complex at the same time. With the rapid increase of e-commerce, consumers have an overwhelming amount of products to choose from, and since this is done digitally, a consumer must choose a product based on brand loyalty or user generated reviews. This is the intersection in which this idea thrives. We aren't out to replace Amazon or, our goal is to aggregate reviews of products for a given vertical, rank the products accordingly, and display them to our users with an affiliate link. Think of it as a shopping comparison-like tool. No longer will a consumer have to spend minutes or hours trying to find the (for example) 'best coffee maker' they will simply come to our product, search for (for example) coffee makers and get a list of the best ones based on our ranking. The user will then be able to compare prices from all the sites we have an affiliate agreement with and purchase directly from the "big name" sites. If you're thinking, Amazon already has a sort by top rated products feature, you are right. However, the logic is fundamentally broken, looses relevancy when chosen, and does not offer a price comparison of other retailers. The overall goal for this idea to build a semi-autonomous cash cow of a business that enables freedom, flexibility, and generates a healthy monthly paycheck.

The biz model:
For each sale of a product, we will receive an affiliate fee from the vendor who sold the product. Amazon (for example) has fees up to 10% of the sold products price. Traffic will be driven primarily by search engines via PPC/SEM for product/buy intent keywords. Other traffic will come from organic SEO and content marketing.


Any engineers out there who like affiliate/internet marketing products?