Joe Fronsee

San Diego, California, US

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I have been sharpening my web, database and programming skills since obtaining my computer science degree in 2005. I am dynamic and can program anything you can think of (within reason). I have always wanted to work for myself, and decided to do so after working full-time in WI for a few years after college. Moved out to CA to work as an independent contractor and explore the mountains and deserts of Southern CA, and hopefully to be apart of a successful software product. I have had a bit of success in most of these departments, but not to the level I want. I am learning I can not do everything on my own and need to partner up with business minded individuals to help me with marketing/sales/business development while I focus on the technical side of things.

I am a bit unique in the fact that I am a technical co-founder, but am bringing a few software products to the table. I am looking for ideas and companies that have founders with previous success creating a business. A company that can have fun and create revenue at the same time. My dream is to be a co-founder/owner in a successful technology product, whether it is one of my own projects, or an idea from someone else.

My projects:
+ a few more private projects we can discuss.


University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

2005 - 2005