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Joe Huber

Product Manager, Business Developer

Seattle, Washington, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

Age Group


About Joe

First employee of a game company startup that grew to 40+ employees. Ran for two years.

Co-founded a second game company, participated in raising 550k angel round to build prototype over a year.

Currently working with a few pre-funding startups.

Work Experience

Game Design/Producer

Games Industry

August 2005 - August 2015

I have 10 years in the game industry, 4 of which is in startups. The other 6 were as a Lead Game Designer/Producer or Creative Director role. I also helped start up and build the Pax Dev convention as Lead Curator of content. My personal specialty is in the psychology around engagement and retention. I stick users to products and services, historically games. I am interested in using my knowledge of user behavior to work in a more philanthropic field like education or health care.