Joe Manner

Indianapolis, Indiana, US

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Product Management

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Hi, I am a senior level manager at one of the largest CPG companies in the US. I have over 15 years of experience launching new products, marketing new/existing products, and working in a heavily regulated industry. I have the business knowledge and drive to bring this idea to life. What I lack is the technical skills to begin building the application.

My idea is a mobile app that would connect users with local bars to drive additional sales. The bar would benefit by generating sales during off-peak hours and driving additional foot-traffic during peak hours. Users would benefit from the ability to network and celebrate with their friends via the app. (I know this may sound confusing, but I believe there is a market for this. Think of it as the Facebook "poke" but with drinks)

I do not have any experience developing apps so I am looking for someone who is proficient with mobile app design and development.