Joe Pulcinella

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Joe's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
User Experience

About Joe

Who We Are: We are developing an Android consumer app. We have strong commitments on seed funding and will be starting a company upon completion of the MVP.

Who We're Looking For: I am looking for a founder with a strong technical background that can commit to helping me make our first hires and manage them through ongoing iterations of the app. I need someone whose technical strengths are AWS, native Android development, and databases (Neo4J).

What We Can Offer: The proper cofounder will get a chunk of the company's equity as well as a salary after seed funding round. We will be acquiring space in the Philadelphia area as our base.

Who I Am: I am what is known as a non-technical founder. I've never worked for a business larger than 30 people and already own and operate two businesses (non-tech related).

Secret Weapon: My mentor and first seed investor founded a company that was acquired by Charles Schwab for $1 billion in 2011.

I can tell you more about the project in person (NDA required). They say choosing a cofounder is a lot like choosing a spouse and I've taken that to heart. I am all-in on this project and I need a cofounder who will also be. An ideal cofounder should bring in his/her own ideas to supplement my own. I have an idea, a market target, and I've put up my own money to get the ball rolling.