Joe Scola

Worcester, Massachusetts, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Joe

Yo partner!

I'm a PV (solar panel) designer and sales rep for Solar city. I do professional close-up magic, yeah like David Blaine.. ;)

I'm in the process of developing the most fun life transformation tool/system in the world of *self actualization* ...

A GAME that meshes the addicting fantastical world of massive multiplayer online video games with self development REAL life *quests*.

It's not going to be a 3D world game but mostly a tracking list list of Quests, rewards, and the leveling of the incredibly exciting Skills that you level up in real life & the game!

I used to be an overweight and nervous virgin. I did a ton of work on myself and know EXACTLY what it takes to explode inner confidence and literally "level-up" these hidden real life skills that they don't teach you in school..

Are we going to be a fit?

I'm looking for someone to be the Lead Designer and assist in the development in the game and mesh it with a simple app that works similar to a To-do list. When people mark off their to-dos, they get experience and gold...which can be used in an online store

We want to release a small prototype to send out to the market with only a few skills and we'll tweak it depending on the marketing response!

You can tooooootally reach out to me on facebook and check out our motivational page at

Thanks for checking me out and spending your valuable time reading this :)
Don't be shy, reach out and we can chat to see if we're a compatible couple! *giggles like a school girl*