Joel Cettina, CAPM

New York, New York, US

Joel's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Joel

Co-Founder / CTO at awesome mobile marketplace start-up. Food Moves is a real-time locator for Mobile Businesses that allows user to find their favorite Food Trucks and discover new mobile businesses nearby them. In turn, we also provide software solutions to our vendors helping to eliminate operational pain-points and use data gathered by the community to help vendors make decisions.

ABOUT YOU. You have a contagious can-do attitude and proven track record programming. When you work hard, you sweat excellence. You’re an A-player who dreams big and you want to join a team of A-players. You bring confidence without attitude. Intelligence + humility = WIN. You’re a coding rock-star. You have 4-5 years of hands-on coding experience. You’ll code with us first, and then build a technical team around you as we grow. Other chops we look for: Insistence on a consistent and responsive user experience, Mastery of iPhone or Android (Objective C, PHP, AWS, iPhone SDK, Android SDK) Command of your favorite modern programming language: Python, Ruby, Java, C++, etc. Test-driven Development Pluses: Experience writing server-side APIs.

You’re an entrepreneur at heart who believes that creating jobs is more important than taking a job. Big company politics cramp your style.

ABOUT THE OPPORTUNITY. Join us as Co-Founder and full-time CTO. You’ll get a share of Founders’ Stock. Equity only at first, but salary draws will be staged and based on generating revenue and / or external funding. We’re in this together. You’ll be our technical visionary with the autonomy to choose the solution stack and hire your own team over time.