Joel Karr

Orland Park, Illinois, US

Joel's Skills
Product Management

About Joel

Social threads is a company built to help screen printers. As more non technical people look for a way to pave their own way through entrepreneurship, small screen printing shops are popping up all over. As a first product, social threads will allow screen printers to get rid of paper order forms and unleash the power of social media and the web in collecting their orders.

I have experience as an architect and VP of a successful e-commerce company. I'm looking for someone who is able to optimize the UX to make interaction with social threads intuitive. I've taken inspiration from sites like trello and slack. I have been working 15-20 hrs/wk for past couple years and am approaching a public launch.

I am looking for someone to share in the passion of creating a product and help drive the product forward into referral partnerships with screen printing suppliers as the main revenue stream. A partner does not need any server side programming language experience, but html/css/js is a huge plus.