Joel LaRusic

New Westminster, Canada

Long time entrepreneur. Founder and CEO @theXTechs
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Business Development

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About Joel

I've been self employed for most of my working life. I love the freedom to spend my time where I need to spend it at that particular moment. I also enjoy wearing different hats as I operate my businesses. My favorite hat to wear is the marketing hat. While challenging these days (my first company I threw an ad in the Yellow Pages and my phone rang), it is an opportunity to be creative and unique.

My current idea is a fresh approach to technical support that offers huge benefits to both the techs and the customers. I am building and systemizing a scalable model that can be licensed nationally and internationally. My greatest needs right now are technical - we need app and website to manage techs and customers. Also, SEO and Internet marketing. While I love marketing and am strategically proficient at it, I need an expert at the nuts and bolts of it.

If you would like to learn more, connect with me!