Johannes Löfgren

Shanghai, China

Johannes's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Johannes

Previous multitasking engineering student with big ambitions. Passion for developing business, people and products. Searching for a good way to kickstart my career within business development. Could be within incubators, accelerator of preferable a startup environment. My background gives me an international perspective and an eye for business models and all kinds of waste and flow in the organisation, i want to deliver whatever we produce on demand in no time to give the customer the best possible experience. Ill bring new eyes and a will to improve, if you don't like that I'm not the one for you.

Holds a M.Sc. Degree in engineering, Produkt and process development and a B.Sc. in Entrepreneurship and Enterprising. Studied in Sweden, Norway, 2 times India, Serbia and China. And a thesis away from a M.Sc (One year) in Innovation Management. Some basing understanding of HTML, CSS and code in general.

Experience from purchasing in big companies, SME Business development, Marketing, PR, Project Management of Business Schools and alot of NGO projekts. Pretty good at creating buzz and don't waste my time doing shit, i know how to find areas that creates value i don't care about the rest. Educated in lean manufacturing, applying it on startups.

Otherwise i love telemark skiing and startup mentality and would like so see "The fun theory" implemented in all enterprises. Huge fan of high fives as well.