Johannes Zeitelberger

London, United Kingdom

Johannes's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Johannes

I'm researching and working in online business since the very early days of Internet and before that in multimedia and software development (as well as teaching). Started and/or supported a reasonable number of tech startups, of which a few became quite successful.

In the area of Web2.0, social collaboration and workgroup solutions I acquired substantial knowledge as well as practical experience, which I passionately want to turn into a fundamental business success. Having a functional prototype and already few customers I want to push the project--after facing massive organisational difficulties--further on.

My strengths are customer orientation, communications and media in general and innovative problem solving. And yes, I'm a true entrepreneur.

Though I have a pretty good understanding of technology, I consider myself not as a technician nor do I any engineering or programming. I'm, however, able to act as an effective interface between customer's view and engineers.

I'm looking for kindred partners on the one hand for all technical issues and on the other hand for operations management, financials and controlling.