Joy Conco , Founder

Business Developer, Designer

Johannesburg, South Africa

Joy is looking for someone to join him/her

Business stage

Idea phase

Business plan mapped out

Minimum viable product built

Paying customers

Joy is looking for a founder who

Has expertise as

Programmer Engineer

Can commit to working

30 hours per week

Is able to invest

Sweat equity only

Relevant industries



Product Management

About Joy

looking for a a talented co founder,a smart,technical and a good person to hang out with and bounce ideas and grow the next biggest online social dating platform.someone who is well skilled in html 5 and php to create a unique user experience in reaching the user objective.I have been working and focusing on the user experience,the goal of the user and best possible way to allow the user to reach their goal,i work on ui interfaces,layout and conceptualizing combing this with the best forecast of user experience.I am looking for a co founder to work with on guiding the technical,program engineering development of the idea and the company.I'm a creative and love development and building on really cool things and ideas.If you based in the US,Africa,Europe,India anywhere in the world,its a distance from South Africa,but i see myself traveling to grow this passion,and my co founder traveling to South Africa to grow and reach the the goal and to hang out.looking forward to sharing a vision and success@partner

Managing People
Product Management