John Bennett

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

John's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About John

Zen Way, Inc. is building an adaptive learning tool for standardized test preparation; our first product is focused on the LSAT because our largest competitor, Knewton, exited that market. We think that a (relatively) low-cost, online adaptive learning platform will disrupt the self-prep, course, and tutoring markets (collectively $4.5B). See for our existing product with 450 users.

As a short introduction, I'm a big nerd about assessing and predicting student learning, and want to leverage my experience to level the playing field for all students who want to pursue higher education; eventually, we would love to enter K-12 education and help eliminate the achievement gap.

During my Teach For America service, I taught special education 8th grade math students with interactive, flash-based lessons, leading my students to the largest gains of similar students in NYC. In addition to being a finalist for a national teaching award, I also secured $175k in federal grants to replicate my adaptive teaching methods to my school's math and science classrooms. In my second year, I was "promoted" to one of NYC's Data Specialists, taking charge of the school's periodic assessment program and preparing state and national reports.

My co-founder and our data scientist have already built an amazing analyzer with predictive algorithms, but we're always looking for ways to improve our product and expand our offerings. In the next few months, we're building OMR apps for iOS and Android so students can enter their data from their phones, incorporate into our analyzer an interactive curricula for standardized tests modeled after, and apply for TechStars, Harvard's MBA competition, President's Challenge, and MIT 100k. We need more nerdy peeps to join us with their expertise!

We're currently being incubated in Harvard's i-lab, and would love to meet you there if you're interested!