John Gargano


Finance, Operations, Fundraising

New York, New York, US


Age Group


About John

Objective: I am networking to assemble a team to build a community-based, online platform to advance consumer product ideas from concept through design, market research, and prototyping to the end goal of licensing and/or manufacturing on a pre-sale basis.

I am currently looking for a partner that is an expert mechanical and/or electrical engineer with 7+ years of experience, with hands-on knowledge of sourcing, manufacturing and industrial design.

About me: I am deeply passionate about building this company to facilitate its community members to accomplish their goals and to make a better life for themselves and for others.

I am an optimistic person, outgoing, and enjoy a good sense of humor. A day does not go by in which I do not recognize how fortunate I am for my family, friends and good health.

Leadership/Operational Experience: Financial executive and CPA with extensive experience across multi-national and small-scale companies, both publicly-traded and privately-held, with a global and diverse network of colleagues, friends and family spanning across many industries. I've managed an IPO and multiple private financings; built and managed financial infrastructures, including the recruiting and training of teams, implementation of financial systems, internal controls, integration of departmental resources and corporate systems, budgeting, and financial reporting; and experience sourcing and manufacturing consumer products and machinery domestically and overseas.

Keys-to-success: Research, Planning, Time-Management, Persistence


Networking to meet Mechanical and Electrical Engineers


The George Washington University

B.B.A. Double Major: Accounting and Finance

1993 - 1997


Certified Public Accountant

New York State