John Granata



Sterling, Virginia, US


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About John

Developed a working prototype of a new “Big Data” Warehouse, snap-DB TM, for an important category of use cases that is not adequately being addressed by existing solutions. This system is designed for applications that need to support large volumes of real-time & archival data where the primary requirement is fast data look-ups and NOT analytics or machine learning. This is highly desirable in many compliance organizations that generally depend on reporting current & past events. Most existing solutions are focused on prediction, which is usually the focus of marketing organizations.

By stripping out many features that are not needed for its target use case, snap-DB TM generally runs about ten times faster than more general purpose solutions like AWS Redshift TM, Hadoop TM, and Splunk TM.

System will be ready for field testing by Q2 2017.


Cut the crap - let's get it done! - Guy Kawasaki

Work Experience

Senior Consultant

SureCode Technologies

January 1993 - January 0

Co-founder of SureCode Technologies, Inc. - a small IT consulting firm located in Herndon Virginia.



Ph.D. EE

1986 - 1991