John Knapp

San Francisco, California, US

I make things people want. Products and Companies.
John's Skills
Software Architecture
Coding Standards
Software Build
Software Architectural Design
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software Coding
Product Management
Business Development
User Experience

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About John

I ask very pertinent questions to make my clients and associates think so we can:

1) Get to the core of their vision
2) Define and execute optimal objectives and strategies
3) Maximize their vision and success

I proudly possess significant technology and business experience with a proven track record of innovation, leadership, software development and product management. Passionate adherent of Agile Software Development and Lean Startup Methodologies with over 12 years experience gathering market requirements, designing, developing and delivering intuitive and effective web applications as well as recruiting and leading development, UX/UI, testing and QA teams. My experience also includes architecture, data modeling, system design, fault tolerance and performance optimization.

I have founded and co-founded technology startups of my own, I have advised entrepreneurs, tech startups and early stage companies and helped them build and grow their businesses.

I’m curious, passionate and creative. I value clear communication, transparency and respect for others. I like people. I enjoy photography — capturing the beauty around me. I’m a multi-instrumental musician — always seeking to express feeling. I am a man of the sea; a sailor. I’ve done a lot of sailboat racing and enjoyed competition at various levels — from low-key races with friends to leading my team at the Melges 24 world championships. I’ve cruised the waters of Western Washington and British Columbia and crossed oceans in my Tartan 37 — paying for my tropical adventures with deep ocean storms and knockdowns on the way back home. I’ve traveled quite a bit for both business and pleasure and have many more destinations in mind.


Make something people want - PG

Work Experience

Founder CEO/CTO

HowZone Learning Communities

October 2014 - November 2016

HowZone Learning Communities are where individuals and companies connect around topics of shared interest to help each other build expertise. We aim to capture 2% to 5% of the $50 billion lifelong learning and the $90 billion SMB knowledge management markets. The product is up and running, we’re expanding the team and acquiring users. We make money from access fees, mentoring marketplaces and manufacturer sponsorships.


Startup Alliance — Essential tools and resources for committed entrepreneurs

April 1999 - Today

Startup Alliance exists to accelerate the globalization of entrepreneurship. We operate a global community where committed entrepreneurs access essential tools and resources to make connections, overcome challenges and maximize their success.

Founding CTO


August 2013 - May 2014

Turned this ship into a high performing and seaworthy craft to rule the waves. Provided technology leadership, re-engineered large scale production application and executed a fault-tolerant system architecture for this segment leading peer-to-peer marketplace.

Founder CEO/CTO

Brash Insight

January 2008 - June 2011

Brash Insight is the worlds leader in Feedback Advertising™ conversational advertising tools and strategies. Our clients enjoy 3x to 5x better results and deep consumer insight available nowhere else. As founder and CEO, I articulate the vision for the company and product family and lead the organization as it expands its footprint to bring Feedback Ads to every interactive screen around the world. And as CTO, I meet business requirements through innovative use of carefully selected technologies, architect the system, write a lot of our code and lead an elite team of computer scientists and engineers.

Principle Architect & Engineer, Cloud Services


March 2017 - Today

Worked directly with the founders to refine the vision then design and create the back-end sharing API for an innovative augmented reality content sharing iPhone app based on the Apple ARKit. Additionally created a companion web app for expanded functionality and reporting. Also helped with branding and messaging plus other marketing activities.

Co-working Space

Founders Den

2014 - 2014