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The Job
We are seeking a highly experienced web and mobile app developer to join our enterprise and personal financial management app startup. Our main shortage in talent is strong back-end development, and if you are passionate about using your experience to make world class impact in web and mobile applications and are looking for real-world leadership experience; starting from Africa, we are looking for you.
About Us
We are an Information Technology startup temporarily based in Ghana, West Africa, founded by a former banker and practicing accountant. We see a huge problem of poor efforts of banks in Ghana and Africa to improve customer experience, in addition to the general long standing industry tolls exacted on clients such as high cost of mobile money and banking transactions, low savings habit, clients’ inability to track and manage personal finances, high risk of carrying cash, governments’ efforts towards a cashless economy, and the current global acceptance and future expectation of omni channel banking coupled with unclear means of preparation by most banks towards this new era; we have laid down a powerful technology strategy to prepare financial institutions; investment houses, lending houses, insurance firms and their clients in Africa and other parts of the world towards this soon to come global era of omni channel banking and financial services with its Web and mobile app. This will be achieved by pulling resources of partnering financial houses onto this one platform of world class customer experience. This opportunity forms the basis for our vision for Africa and the rest of the world.
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Ideal Profile
You are an experienced developer not only excited to be part of a small startup co-founding team, but also motivated by personal ambition. You are flexible and learn quickly. As a co-founder, you will have tremendous ownership and responsibility on development. Communication will be key since we will be working remotely a lot of the times. We hope you will believe in our vision.
Desirable Skills
Interest in start ups
Passion for high level leadership
Experience in Product Management
Must have led the development of same or similar products such as mentioned in “similar competitive products” above / experience in the building of a high-volume financial information products targeting retail businesses
Can lead or must have led an interactive design & ux projects at a higher level in the past.
An expert in creating web and mobile presences, experiences, visual, print, and identity design
Experience in building classic mobile and web applications
Have in-depth knowledge in mobile and web application frameworks
Strong information security skills
Expertise in e-value and scratch card systems
Should be an expert in the following technologies;
ActiveMQ, Apache, Axis, BGP, C/C++, CatOS, CC/PP, cHTML, CVS, DNS, GNU, Hibernate, HTML, HTTP, IBM MQ, IMAP, IOS, IP, J2EE, J2ME, J2SE, JAXP, JDBC, JFC, JMS, JNDI, Java, Java Mail, Java RMI, Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages, LDAP, Linux, M4, MPLS, MRTG, MySQL, OSPF, Oracle DB, Perl, RPM, RRD, SOAP, SQL, SSL, SVN, Solaris, Spring, Squid, Sybase DB, TCP, Tibco EMS, UAProf, UDP, Unix, Varnish, VLAN, VRF, VoiceXML, WAP, WCCP, WML, WSDL,