John Lohavichan

Boston, Massachusetts, US

John's Skills
Product Management

About John

I'm a product guy who also likes to hack (self-taught in Ruby on Rails, Git, Heroku). My background is building data and analysis products for investment managers (hedge and mutual funds). My last 2 companies I worked for were Thomson Financial and CCBN - in both spaces I explored the customer pain and defined new solutions. I'm currently working on a startup idea to change the Public Relations Industry by uniting Journalists and PR folks. I've entered this idea in the MassChallenge.

I'm looking for a cofounder who is comfortable doing pivots (following a lean/agile approach) and exploring the space with me. Ideally you'll have more technical expertise than me or the willingness to code. You should be interested in PR or Journalists or Media. Firsthand experience from pitching Journalists or blogging and dealing with PR folks would also be great.