John Lombard

Business Development, Marketing, Strategy

Guangzhou, China


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About John

I'm a Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been in China for almost a quarter of a century. During that time, I've founded four companies, and been a consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies.

For those who are interested in business in China, I have a wealth of experience, and lots of connections and networks. Always looking both for people that I can do business with, and for those who are simply seeking advice/help about how to navigate the waters of doing business in China.


The only true failure in life is the failure to try - ~~ Every successful entrepreneur


Canadian entrepreneur in China since 1993

Work Experience

V.P. International Sales

Guangzhou SmartDragon -- Sourcing and Procurement

January 2015 - January 0

Essentially, I help people get their products made in China. We offer a full suite of services, from finding factories, to negotiating prices, to making prototypes, to getting samples, to overseeing production, to quality control, to shipping. And you get to talk with a native English speaker with a quarter century experience in China.


Absolute Executive

January 2010 - January 2015

A small corporate consulting company that specialized in cross culture training, and presentation skills.

Chief Representative

New Leaders International

January 2001 - December 2010

I was a co-founder of New Leaders, a consulting and training company to Fortune 500 businesses in China. I focused on cross culture and corporate culture issues, while my partner did emotional intelligence, leadership, and team building.