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Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Curativity completes the publishing model for the Information Age.

Amazon is moving the traditional publishing system online, and will be accelerating this effort over the next 5 years. 3 million books are written per year, and that number is projected to further increase as opportunities for self- and online-publishing multiply and improve. Curativity is the bridge connecting publishers and agents with the books they are interested in sponsoring.

The existing system is extraordinarily inefficient, relying on batteries of inexperienced and exhausted editorial assistants and inflates the costs and risk of publishing each sponsored book by up to 30%.

Our current solution allows publishers to more intelligently and efficiently target prospective works. The application aggregates emotion-level responses from readers who examine the content excerpts provided by our partner publishers/agents. We analyze that data to determine (1) whether and why a book warrants publication, (2) what parts of that book attract the most interest, and (3) who will be buying it.

We are currently accepted to a prestigious accelerator in the Boston area, and are considering offers for funding.