John Mastrodimos

Montclair, New Jersey, US

John's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About John

I'm a 40 something person living in the suburbs of NJ. I've had varied work experience and I'm now on the cusp of embarking down an entirely new, exciting path! I'm in the beginning stages of working through an idea to bring the best of Montclair's (and surrounding towns) unique, distinctive and unusual goods via our diverse and varied small businesses, to surrounding areas, same day delivery! I also feel passionately about giving back to and supporting the community by working with local charities, schools, etc.

I'm looking for like minded individuals who feel as strongly about supporting local merchants as I do, and providing the citizens of towns like these with the services that they would enjoy had they lived in a big city. My ideal candidate(s) are individuals who have some recent marketing experience, and looking for web and app developers too. Any previous startup experience would be fantastic as, other than my enthusiasm, I'm sort of new to all this...

I believe in this venture and I think its potential can be great... with the right team!