John McFeely

Saugerties, New York, US

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Business Development

About John

I'm a former blues club owner and musician and have developed a website(hired a developer) designed to organize and promote open jams at local clubs . The site is up and working and trademarked, but I lack experience on how to market and promote it. I presently own and teach at a hot yoga studio in Saugerties NY. I would like to retain at least 50% equity and be involved in the day to day sales but need some guidance on how maximize what I feel is a great idea. The video attached gives a 38 second glimpse at the concept.
Here's my Mission statement I've sent around
Our mission is to improve the local live music experience for all performers ,patrons and club owners through a novel approach to organizing and promoting open jams through our interactive website and mobile app.
-Most smaller live music clubs and have at least 2-3 very slow nights that they could build on .
-The clubs that offer jams tend to attract the same musicians and singers performing the same or very similar songs each week.
-FaceJam allows the club owner or jam leader to post songs on the venue's calendar page in advance , allowing performers to prepare for their song and know exactly what time they will be on stage.
-Once signed up ,jammers are encouraged to send out a Facebook invites announcing where and when they performing. Each venue is also provided an open group page on Facebook where all patrons can invite friends to join, chat, post pictures, request songs etc...
-Venues are the immediate beneficiary as they can post songs designed to attract a specific clientele. A typical blues jam draws more 40 year old male guitarists than millennial female vocalists. This is improvable.
FaceJam can be monetized through several revenue streams
a) Membership fees from venues
b)Affiliate marketing
c )Direct email marketing (we capture emails of every user)
I own 100% of FaceJam and hold the trademark on the name and concept. I am seeking a cofounder experienced in web development , marketing and monetizing a start up .
John McFeely