John Mertl

Toronto, Canada

Cofounder & CEO Tomoye (acquired); Sales/Marketing/Operations pro.
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I work as a senior strategy and technology consultant who brings over 20 years of consulting and operating experience. I've guided the leadership teams of Fortune 500 firms, public sector organizations, start-ups and NGOs develop and implement technology strategies that improve competitiveness, increase customer satisfaction, grow revenues and optimize operations.

I'm expert at framing and launching complex, large-scale, technology-intensive business transformations for advanced manufacturing and distribution and high-tech companies.

I specialize in customer-facing operations, value-streams, technologies and platforms, including: ERP, CRM, eCommerce, enterprise content management, technical instruction production and delivery, customer support, product configurators, marketing automation, payment systems, mobile, omnichannel platforms and organizations, as well as collaboration platforms.

What am I doing on Cofounders Lab?: I'm seeking co-founders who want to work with a team of smart, action-oriented, ambitious team to develop a high-value product/service solving an important problem and makes an important contribution to lives of its clients and co-workers.

Goal: Create an opportunity to build at least a $20-30M enterprise s/w company, sub-10 year. Faster if possible. Not looking to change the world (i.e. Google, Amazon), but rather create a highly profitable niche to generate attractive returns and/or 10X+ exit valuation.

Character of the company: Smart people solving high-value problem(s). Core values: teamwork, high integrity, quality, high velocity, fun and rewarding for employees.

Potential target enterprise domains: Edge (extended enterprise), customer-facing operations (sales, marketing, customer service, aftermarket), asset/equipment monitoring/management, knowledge work automation (research, search, audit, reporting, compliance, risk management), […]

Possible target industries: Advanced manufacturing, mining/exploration, construction/engineering, professional services (e.g., legal, audit/accounting), […]

Possible problem spaces: Looking for white spaces created by: enterprise migration to cloud, IoT, servitization, robots/automation, B2B customer self-service, supply chain management (in construction); compliance automation, transaction/business process automation/orchestration, […]

Capital/Financial: Ideally the company will be self-financing (profitable growth), with limited need for paid-in capital. I’m not opposed to raising VC, but this changes the character of the company and places demands on growth that may not align with founders’ intent.

My background: My you can find my bio @, and my LinkedIn profile @ .

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Managing Partner

MM+O Ventures Inc.

February 2002 - Today