John Mollis


New York, New York, US

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Product Management

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First time founder

About John

My company is developing proprietary algorithms and software coupled with a web-based platform and HTML5 (WebGL) viewer to help consumer photographers, pro photographers and virtual tour companies to quickly create, view and share 3D representations of real places on desktop, mobile and VR using any camera or video device (smartphone, DSLR, 360 Degree Camera or VR Camera).

I'm a software engineer and team lead with 12 years of experience from the storied innovation company SRI International/Formerly Sarnoff Corporation. I have experience in R&D as well as products and services. My expertise is in computer graphics, computer vision and software engineering. See linkedin for more info.

I'm seeking a hard driving business partner with an MBA and/or experience running a tech industry business, experience in securing funding and general business development skills. This especially includes very strong communication and people skills, high energy and enthusiasm. Ultimately the business is selling a platform for 3D/VR interactive continuous walk-throughs of real places (We call them 3D Panographs, patent disclosures are being filed). This includes software for end-users, a mobile app, cloud processing for creation of walk-throughs and hosting of 3D Mosaic scenes. The platform targets the burgeoning virtual tour market (e.g. real estate, hospitality, business tours…) and professional/amateur/mobile photographers who want to create 3D Panographs. In the beginning the company is envisioned as a services company. This is a vehicle for developing the platform and building a portfolio/reputation. A prospective partner would aid in the building and managing of this services business as the platform matures and/or be actively seeking funding for the full vision. A Beta demo site is available (contact me for more info). The backend software is mature enough to start finding service business customers. At this point key competitors are Google (Street View for Business), Matterport and Toursler.


Cornell University


2004 - 2004