John Paul Narowski

Denver, Colorado, US

John Paul's Skills
Product Management

About John Paul

KarmaCRM is a fast growing lightweight web based CRM product. We're focused on keeping things clean, simple, and usable for the real small businesses out there. Currently we're developing a version 2 of our software that is built with a Backbone.js frontend and Rails 3.2 backend.

Our goal is to share certain parts of our front end code with our mobile and tablet apps, reducing the time to market for new features and bug fixes. Our goal is to have a 90% HTML5 + 10% native approach similar to LinkedIn or RDIO. We already have a mobile prototype built based on Backbone.js + Ratchet (

We're looking for someone with expert javascript and UX skills to help us grow our web and mobile apps. We want to push the envelop in terms of leveraging cutting edge browser features, building a CRM app for the future not trying to support browsers and technology of the past. If you love to build amazing products, inspire delight and push technical boundaries, you'll fit right in. We have a unique technical stack that allows us to focus on front-end, so you'll be joining a team that is laser focused on creating great experiences.

We need a thinker, not just a coder. Someone who can help plan and implement some of the overarching framework, not just write code based on specs. You'll have a voice as to how our product is put together and you'll be expected and required to voice it.

KarmaCRM is an agile product and we're pushing updates on a daily basis. Things move fast here and we need someone who can keep up.

* Expert Javascript
* Expert CSS3
* Strong UX skills and understanding
* Strong understanding of javascript MVC and design patterns
* Framework Planning
* Phonegap experience

* What javascript MVC frameworks do you have experience with?
* What is your opinion of Coffeescript?
* Tell Us about a Challenging UI/Javascript project you've worked on and what * your role was
* Have you ever done any HTML5 or Phone Gap based mobile development?
* Have you worked with offline syncing at any capacity
* Please provide relevant backbone/javascript code samples. Don't send vanilla CRUD, please try to find code that is a bit more complex