John Sawyer

Dallas, Texas, US

John's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About John

I opened a fast-casual chicken wing restaurant 05/01/14. The first year has been great and our brand is finally forming. I have a very aggressive goal in opening as many Wing Town restaurants as possible over the next 14 years. I do not want to franchise however am open to the discussion should that time arise. We have a very unique proven model with the revenue, growth, and continued customer reviews to prove it. I am on the path to building an empire.

However I am only one man. I have no family, friends, or personal life. I open and close the restaurant, oversee every aspect, and love it. I need to find balance but more importantly I need someone to help execute the several ideas, and someone to add new strategy to my model. I'm all in 100% and not a greedy man. I already did the BMW and Rolex thing in corporate america and it bored me. I am 36 years old and would like to work solely by choice from 50 until I die. And I would like to do this comfortably.

I have a successful business. I have unmatched energy and passion, and am damn good at what I do. I know though I am not the best, and only one man. I need someone hungry for success, and who is willing to roll up there sleeves, wash some dishes, and make a delivery or two when need be. Running a restaurant daily is very, very painful, but with the right partners, and a common goal, the reward within Wing Town can be immense.

Again, I am looking to bring in a partner to help build Wing Town into the Pizza Hut of Chicken Wing delivery. My recipes & branding are spot on, but can also be refined. I also have several made from scratch sauces that have literally no competition in flavor or style both in restaurants or retail. There is great profit to be made by taking some of these sauce and dry rubs retail. Again, there is no competition and my huge customer base is addicted. Bringing capital to the table can be helpful and is up for discussion.