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Seattle, Washington, US

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I am an engineer and a hacker with good technical analytical skills. I have been following reflective display technologies for many years and are developing a new technology. It realizes color using ambient light. It consumes very little power and is ideal for mobile devices. The key parts of the technology have been patented. I am in the process of making a demo of the technology and looking for partners to move forward the development.

Kindle e-book from Amazon uses e-ink technology for its display. There are several emerging technologies but none of them can realize color satisfactorily with video speed. Brightness is a major problem with this type of color displays. Complexity of the structures makes them costly to fabricate if practically ever manufacturable. Most closely related to ours is Qualcomm's mirasol technology. Mirasol has been in production briefly then halted. It can achieve video speed but it bears same problems of low brightness of other display technologies.

Our technology solves the problems. It can triple the color brightness by mirasol. It also simplify the structures for manufacturing. Two key patents (one granted and one pending) should be able to secure the methods and implementations. Some of the previous work has been published in this year's SID (Society of Information Display) conference.

I believe that this is a disruptive technology since LCD. It will find its way to our daily needs of information display. You may already know that the display panel is the biggest energy sink of your mobile devices and only 6% of the back light energy from a LCD reaches your eye. This technology will change the landscape for good.

I have money to move the development along in this early stage but I need a partner that can develop and sell the business plan to VCs and institutional investors for funding the further development.


University of Windsor

PhD, Engineering

1994 - 1994

Tsinghua University

MSc Engineering

1984 - 1984