John Strecker

Indianapolis, Indiana, US

32 years Exec | Co-owner & VP Sales & Marketing for Data Label Inc. | Co-founder $2m family business
John's Skills
Color Printing
Printing Solutions
Label Printers
Label Matrix
Label Management
Label Design
Pressure Sensitive Labels
After Sales Support
After Sales Service
Advertising Sales
Ad Sales
Sales Turnaround
Sales Trend Analysis
Sales Trainings
Sales Tools Development
Sales Targets
Sales Strategy
Sales Services
Sales Retention
Sales Research
Sales Representatives
Sales Prospecting
Sales Programs
Sales Promotion
Sales Program Development
Sales Process Development
Sales Process Implementation
Sales Process
Sales Presentations
Sales Pipeline Management
Sales Presentation Skills
Sales Practices
Sales Plan
Sales Performance
Sales Organizations
Sales Organization Leadership
Sales Organization
Sales Order Processing
Sales Order
Sales Operations
Sales Online
Sales Networking
Sales Navigator
Sales Motivator
Sales Motivation
Sales Metrics
Sales Messaging
Sales Material Development
Sales Material
Sales Management Coaching
Sales Management
Sales Literature
Sales Liaison
Sales Letters
Sales Leads
Sales Leadership Training
Sales Intelligence
Sales Initiatives
Sales Improvement
Sales Hiring
Sales Growth
Sales Genie
Sales Funnels
Sales Funnel Optimization
Sales Force Development
Sales Force Compensation
Sales Force Alignment
Sales Finance
Sales Execution
Sales Excellence
Sales Enablement Tools
Sales Enablement
Sales Effectiveness
Sales Education
Sales Driven
Sales Cycle Management
Sales Conversion
Sales Contracts
Sales Compensation
Sales Coach
Sales Coaching
Sales Co-ordination
Sales Channel Development
Sales Channel
Sales Campaigns
Sales Building
Sales Brochures
Sales Audit
Sales Assessments
Sales Analytics
Sales Analysis
Sales Administration
Sales Acumen
Sales Acquisition
Sales Abilities
Sales & Marketing Leadership
Sales & Marketing Functions
Sales & Marketing
Sales & Distribution
Strategic Human Resource Planning
Strategic Public Relations Planning
Development of strategic marketing plans
Expertise in strategic planning
Strategic Planning
Building Long-term Relationships
Cross-Functional Teambuilding
Cross-functional Team-building
Cross Functional Team Building
Team Building Facilitation
Team Building
Business Analytics
Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring
Business Analysis
Lean Business Processes
Business Process Management
Business Process Excellence
Business Process Automation
Business Process Development
Business Process Improvement
Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)
Business-to-Business Advertising
Business-to-Business (B2B)
Business Transactions
Business to Business Relationship Building
Business Strategy
Business Solutions
Business Relations
Business Organization
Business Operations Management
Business Networking
Business Impact Analysis
Business Executives
Business Efficiency
Business Disputes
Business Development
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Concepts
Marketing Communications
Account Management
Offset Printing
Print Marketing
Print Management
Digital Printing
Product Management
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About John

Accomplished executive of 32 years with progressive domestic expertise in P&L oversight & product distribution. Targets deliverables for print-based manufacturing organizations, sustaining proven success in solutions & strategic positioning. Established track record of increasing sales, shrinking costs & strengthening operational improvements. Cultivator of strategies for long-term sustainable growth.


No person can be a great leader unless he takes genuine joy in the successes of those under him. - W. A. Nance