John Wang

Newton, Massachusetts, US

John's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About John

Dreamech is a cloud-based mobile and web application that connects to virtually any car on the road to provide personalized service, advice, and offers for that particular car. This is a highly differentiated service to access a market of 160 million registered passenger cars in US only.

I am the founder of Dreamech, an automotive engineer and entrepreneur with 16 years of product development experience at companies like GM and Johnson Controls. I have helped a sister company in China successfully develop and market similar product to China market.

Dreamech has upgraded business model and technology and is customized for the US market.

Dreamech Inc. is currently seeking talents/partners in the following areas:
1. Business: marketing & sales, business development, fundraising
2. Engineering: Microsoft .NET server and client software development, mobile appp development (Android and iOS), auto diagnostics

Please go to for details.