Jon Powers

San Diego, California, US

Jon's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jon

Covan Labs is an early-stage, veteran-owned start-up that I've founded to produce products and services that will help government and NGO clients around the world inhibit and reduce violent armed conflicts. I served for six years in Marine Corps military intelligence, forward deployed to over a dozen countries, before departing active duty last year to earn my MBA at a top-ranked business school (ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain). I've been accepted to the Master's of International Relations program at American University in Washington D.C., but have delayed my studies to make this company a success. I need a co-founder with graduate school experience in material science, preferred military experience, and a dedication to working in a company with a great cause. With a business plan and product concept already completed, I need a co-founder that can develop and fabricate a minimum viable product in our first product line, as well as help me create a great company culture. I'm looking for someone that is conscientious, creative, passionate, and disciplined. The ability to thrive in an unstructured, dynamic and relaxed environment while delivering top-notch results will be a key characteristic for a co-founder.