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Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Glenwood Garden is a for-profit business with social mission -- to help nonprofits gain a new source of recurring revenue by sharing up to 50% of profits made via sales through e-commerce site I've been running this enterprise with a small team and I’m currently looking for one or more Boston based co-founders. Your experience should be in e-commerce, sales, with some knowledge in tech and product development. Or your skills could be in marketing including social media and brand development. Experience in food industry for both would be a plus.

GG has verified that our business model offers solutions that are attractive to our channel partners - the nonprofits need for a new source of revenue, and our vendors and distributors need of better online channels for marketing and sales of their product lines. We are currently selling to customers but are in the process creating new strategies based on lessons learned about how to gain higher numbers of site visits and conversion in order to gain more revenue and achieve cash flow break even.

We are also in the process of putting together a fundraising package to pitch to social impact investors in order to get a first round of seed capital to help speed up this process.

I have a strong history in the day to day requirements of running a business. I created and managed my own music touring ensemble and film scoring business for eight years prior to this venture. Since the launch of the GG e-market in February of 2014 I have been managing (full time) all aspects of this venture including my small team comprised of: a content/marketing manager, front end web developer/social media assistant, development and nonprofit sales manager, back end web developer, and a number of interns.

I’m hoping to find partners who share my commitment to social entrepreneurship and have the ability to enter the company at the sweat equity level with an agreement in place around vesting.

The seed capital that we hope to raise in the first half of 2015 would in part be used as a stipend for the co-founders while we work towards: cash flow breakeven, an eventual 2nd round of PRI investment, and scaling to profitability.

Let me know if you want to join in the mission of positively impacting our communities and environment by helping to provide nonprofits additional resources so that they can continue and even amplify their amazing work. This is also a chance to join a community that includes the love of food, friends and all the fun that goes with it.


Boston University

Bachelor of Arts

1997 - 1997