Business Development

New York, New York, US


About Jonathan

Professionally, my background is that of both a Trader and most recently as a Sales & Business Development Executive for a global Fortune 500 financial services firm. It was here that I gained first hand experience on how a successful firm, with over 10bil in annual revenues, goes about the cycle of bringing products to market. Additionally, I gained invaluable experience working on teams comprised of programmers, website developers, technicians, product managers, sales executives and senior executives as we served some of the biggest Tier 1 banks on Wall Street.

So, it is from these combined experiences that I've developed a keen sense for what comprises a successful website/platform and how to effectively communicate your brand and it's future direction from the outset..key aspects such as the correct balance between a stark and cluttered presence, an inviting user interface, logical navigation, inclusion of "sticky" factor functionality and a host of other strategic decisions so essential in early stage development.

That being said, I'm also looking to partner with someone who has a technical background(programmer/developer, CTO, web designer..etc) to develop a concept that I have for a social networking site that will encourage the masses to realize that they can positively affect their lives by "having a say" and sharing their thoughts, opinions and feedback on a variety of topics(sports, movies, politics, local businesses..etc..etc).

One of the unfortunate side effects of the exponential growth in our society is the increased feelings of powerlessness, isolation and the very real perception that your opinion doesn't count.

I mean, how often do you feel like cattle moving through a chute?

Anyway, if interested or at least somewhat curious about my concept, please reach out and we'll take it from there.

Looking forward to hearing from you....