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Experienced sales and client engagement professional who's resourceful, persuasive and ready.
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About Jonathan

Professionally, my background has been in the financial markets; for many years as a floor trader and then in client facing, sales and account management for a global Fortune 500 financial tech firm where I represented their interests at some of the most prestigious banks on Wall St. It was here that I gained first hand experience on how a successful firm, with over 10bil in annual revenues, goes about the cycle of bringing products to market. Additionally, I gained invaluable experience working on teams comprised of programmers, website developers, technicians, product managers, sales executives and senior executives.

Presently, I earn my living as an inside sales executive for a company in a very hot industry and we're both absolutely crushing it. That being said and in spite of that, I know that I'm just a cog in the wheel and in the long run, that doesn't really sit well with me.

It is from these combined experiences that I've developed a variety of essential sales and business development skills including a keen sense for recognizing opportunity, knowing what comprises a successful website/platform, how to effectively communicate your brand and lessons learned about running and scaling a business.

So, I'm either looking to partner with someone who has a technical background(programmer/developer, CTO, web designer..etc) and/or someone who has invaluable experience in the digital marketing industry on either their concept(if it speaks to me and I can bring value to it) or to join me in shaking up the very hot industry I'm in now which I believe is ripe for innovation.

Anyway, I'd welcome finding out more about what others are working on and share more about my site and see where that takes us.

Looking forward to hearing from you....


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