Abilene, Texas, US

Jonathan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jonathan

I'm a very passionate, goal-driven and highly motivated 20-year old with a mind for business. I have co-founded websites, including

I am very good with customer relations, sales, and business in general. I have many ideas, but I need a co-founder with technical skills (programming for iPhone, maybe Android too). I need a Wozniak for my Jobs, if you will.

As a co-founder, I expect you to do a lot of the programming work as we start out, but then I would like you to oversee all technical operations as the company grows.

I am willing to go 50/50 on any ventures, as long as you continue to pull your weight. You can hold me to the same standard.

I DO NOT want someone who is looking to ride along not putting in the work required to see our company succeed. I hate slackers and complainers.

I DO want someone who is great with communication, programming, and can work as a team. You should also be someone who can control your emotions and words. Most importantly, I need someone who will not give up no matter how many times we fail.