Jonathan Jaffe

Berkeley, California, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Jonathan

I've been a security systems architect for over a decade and have a strong understanding of enterprise system applications and systems infrastructure. More recently, I have been a product manager at a very large enterprise services company, and have brought one enterprise security product to market, and I'm close to bringing another. While having worked on the enterprise-side Internet technologies, my real passion is consumer-focused technology, and the high quality thereof.

Incidentally, I am also an attorney with significant litigation experience in consumer privacy issues.

I have a product idea for the consumer market. It is an identity verification service. Customers will be primarily web-based service companies that would benefit from having their users' identities verified. Using our service gives our customers a competitive advantage, higher margins from lower rates of fraud, and the ability to sell value-added services. Our service has the potential to completely reshape consumer Internet use by creating a degree of accountability and trust not yet present, but the need for which is bubbling at the surface of the next stage of the Internet economy.

I am looking for one or two co-founders to work with me to drive this idea forward to a working prototype. Ideally, one cofounder would be a full-stack engineer; another would be an exceptionally convincing sales person with strong marketing experience.

I will provide the back-end system design and implementation. This can include creating the underlying application support infrastructure, i.e., application engines, databases, cloud infrastructure). However, I would like the technical co-founder to have full-stack experience, and the knowledge of or willingness to learn how to write a RESTful interface so I can handle the business formation, market analysis, business plan, marketing, and search for investment capital. Similarly, if we had a cofounder strong in marketing, I could focus even more on the remaining tasks.


University of California, Berkeley


1991 - 1991

UNiversity of Washington, Seattle

International Studies

1995 - 1995

University of San Francisco, School of Law

Juris Doctor(J.D.)

2009 - 2009