Jonathan Lee

Singapore, Singapore

Jonathan's Skills
Business Development

About Jonathan

We're looking for a web developer familiar with PHP and MySQL, and is also capable in mobile development. We can manage the front end design, and will work closely with you. The plan is to build a custom CMS (membership, payment gateways, forms) that will power Packnada, together with full-fledged mobile apps for full access to Packnada on the go.

At Packnada, you'll be a pivotal part of our development as a startup. With your help, Packnada has the potential to change the business travel industry. People throw this around too often, but we mean it. We can't promise the prestige of an MNC, but if you share a passion to play a huge role in building something incredible from the ground up, we can trailblaze the travel industry.

We're an easygoing team with a passion for great user experience and design. Don't take our word for it, say hi and find out for yourself!