Jonathan Marcel

Portland, Oregon, US

Jonathan's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Jonathan

I've been around a bit. I've been a front end developer, UX designer, and product manager. I've built and lead development teams and helped build web applications from the ground up. I've done the agency thing, worked on some big projects, and been involved with a couple of startups over the years. Now I'm digging the challenge of being the first employee of my own venture.

Working from my own background in technology and athletics (I was an Olympic hopeful once upon a time), I've built a fitness/workout app that I've fallen in love with. Heck, I even have a couple users who love it too! :-)

Now it's time to get someone else involved. Maybe that's you?

I'm looking for someone who knows their s#!t when it comes to mobile and/or back end development. I'd love someone who knows how to build an API that can be consumed by web and mobile applications. iPhone and/or Android development would be super rad, as would an understanding of web security concerns and databases.

Above all, though, I want someone who is ready to fall in love with this project as much as I am- because, let's be honest. That's when the really amazing stuff happens. So... loving sports/fitness/going to the gym is probably a requirement too.

Sound like anyone you know? Let's talk!



Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

2004 - 2004

Hamilton College

Computer Science & Anthropology

1999 - 1999