Jonathan McCarty

Long Beach, California, US

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Hi! My names Jonathan and I live in Long Beach, CA. I have a Bachelors in Business Administration....Retired Poker Dealer :) ...Just got linked up with a broker in LB and I'm taking a shot in the Real Estate industry...So... I'm on CoFoundersLab to find a co-founder, for an idea I have for a platform/website/service. It will require licensing from the motion picture industry( Which will be tough)....but I see a potential Exit/Sale/Royalty strategy of pitching it to an entity who's already secured one....Netflix, Amazon, etc. and could create a new feature/profit channel in their company. It can be utilized in other media formats. If this sound interesting, I'm looking for a partner who's had success with start-ups/businesses, created a MVP ( personally or managed), and maybe's setup a licensing agreement in the past. An equity stake arrangement will not be an issue. I feel people should be compensated based on what value they bring to the table. Shoot me a message if your in the area and we can grab a beer and go from there.