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Los Angeles, California, US

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I'm an adult. I've produced successful movies, I founded Cure Autism Now which was, for ten years, the leading autism research foundation in the world, I started the first and only collaborative gene bank for autism.I am seriously connected, and I am a great salesman when I have a cause I believe in--but I have no experience in tech.
Because I have one kid in high school, one in college and one who is disabled and at home, I'm pretty aware of the financial stress families are under when it comes to education.So I came up with an idea called Circle of Support. It's is a vehicle that allows a small committed group like a family to help support the college student in their life with some money for books, and living expenses while at school.
We are not going to crowdfund tuition or auction off someone's future earnings.
We are going to help an extended family or private network raise the "last thousand dollars," the money that makes the difference between college being an ordeal or a triumph. It's the money that means fewer hours at a minimum wage job, more units per semester, better grades,maybe getting a degree in four years instead of five.Every study shows an alarming trend of income inequality in the country, and higher education is not immune.Students from wealthy families are seriously grooved. But no one else is. However, students who have support from their families, even if they also have loans and financial aid, are much more likely to succeed in school than those who don't.Circle of Support levels the playing field and helps make this happen.

I can get us in front of the angels.I can help with marketing and producing some very shiny promotional material, but I am looking for someone to join me and help build the first prototype.A talented developer/engineer/coder for sure. But also someone who shares my passion to help families, help students and help level the playing field.


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