Jonathan Tovar

Dallas, Texas, US

Seeking software developer to make advertising app
Jonathan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
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About Jonathan

First time entrepreneur. Petroleum engineer with idea for app to disrupt advertising market.

Need has already been proved up by one other company who is pursuing strategy effectively. However, their reach is very limited. There is still a large market share that has yet to be captured.

I'm seeking a co-founder/ software developer with the technical skill to help develop the app. They would also be responsible for vetting potential technical staff necessary to develop app and idea.

As a petroleum engineer, I manage $MM projects and facilities daily. In addition to field management, I resolve countless impromptu technical problems using creative logic, reasoning, and of course math. I also manage a field and technical staff of over 50 people. One of my major responsibilities as a petro engineer is to ensure our field is making money; so I'm fairly accustomed to economic analysis.

All of that to say, I'm no stranger to leading people and solving dire problems on the daily. I'm a tenacious business person and not afraid of hard work.

I'm looking for someone equally as ambitious and ready to turn the advertising market upside down!