Jonathan Troncoso

Denver, Colorado, US

Jonathan's Skills
Product Management

About Jonathan

I currently have a rough near-alpha prototype of a video-content-driven website. It should only take a bit of QAing to get my app to an MVP, but when I do, I'll be missing the most important piece of my app: The content.

I'm looking for a cofounder to help me with this piece (and I have ideas of getting interns to help us with this). My website has only video, but, due to the nature of my site, I won't need somebody with a background in video production right away (though it helps). Instead, what I'm looking for is somebody with a background in journalism, research, and (preferably) sciences.

I can have my app up to MVP within a month, but I'm a total nerd. I don't have any skills in networking, recruiting, fund-raising, or anything like that. I have a STRONG skillset in architecting. Because of this I've built an app that, may be starting out lightweight, but is expandable to become extremely robust and take advantage of extreme levels of data-mining.

I can go over specifics in person, but I've looked thoroughly and haven't found anything like what I've built out there.