Jonathon OBryan

Brandon, Florida, US

Jonathon's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Jonathon

I was a man with an idea, that has now taken it to Working Product Sample (prototype) of The SmartSheet, not yet introduced to the market... Soon, to unveil The SmartSheet, where every home will have at least one, as the late Great "Henry Ford" once said, what was once only available to the wealthy, can now be had by all... and we take 63% margin on a $100 retail item... Equity & Perpetuities! The initial start up costs I have already put forth, the capital which is required to take this to the next level which is an all out social media campaign, with a host of editorials and obvious store shelves... is right at 100k, but not needed all at once, and the desire to see a product (co-founder) that you help build - be sold to millions in need of this "now affordable" product... Serious Only, local preferred... Without the strength of a team a man is but only one person, but by pooling together resources and great ideas it can only produce wealth, it has no other choice... Looking for an investor with a little bit of wisdom under his belt and a whole lot of laughter, because as previously stated, this is the most exciting time in the building of this business, and I know you know how that invigorates the soul of the entrepreneur...